Impact Inves­t­ing in pri­va­te equi­ty- a UK pen­si­on fund per­spec­ti­ve (2023)

U.K. pen­si­on funds view pri­va­te equi­ty inves­t­ing as the most effec­ti­ve way to achie­ve impact, but a nar­row focus on U.K. invest­ments and a limi­t­ed under­stan­ding of the importance of “addi­tio­na­li­ty” in impact stra­te­gies under­mi­ne over­all impact, accor­ding to a Pen­si­ons for Pur­po­se (PfP) stu­dy com­mis­sio­ned by asset mana­ger Colum­bia Thre­ad­need­le Investments.